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14 Aug


Posted by Ana Zhang

First Job?
My first job was as an intern for Antonio Berardi on London Fashion Week in 2013.

How has living in London influenced your style?
London has influenced my style in so many ways, but the most significant might be that I discovered how to experiment, and shy away from "normal" trends that I was used to. Here, I learned that being different was more than okay, it was a good thing.

Style icons?
For men's fashion, it'd be Simone marchetti, Yusuke Hida, G-Dragon, and Marcelo Burlon. For women, too many to count! But I love kiko mizuhara, mademoiselle Yulia, Soo Joo Park, and Carylne Cerf deDudzeele.

Favorite purchase?
I was over the moon when I got my first Givenchy. a Pandora bag that I don't think I'll ever be able to let go of.

Describe your personal style
If I were to describe it, it'd be dark with an attention to luxury key pieces, and a dash of kawaii.

What is different with your style now as opposed to 5 years ago?
I think I'm more confident to wear pieces I love now, rather than what trends would dictate.

What keeps your inspired?
I like to keep up with all the latest design and fashion-related news online but, getting out of the house and having London at your doorstep is pretty great too.

I feel most confident wearing?
I feel most confident wearing black. It doesn't have to be a certain designer or look, but for some reason, head to toe black gives me a spring in my step (ironically).

Dress to impress who?
Dress to impress myself! I don't think a lot of people would appreciate what I wear anyway haha

Favorite fashion magazine?
iD and Nylon japan

What are your favorite shops in London?
Browns focus, cos, and Harvey Nichols

What are your thoughts on the fast evolution of fashion?
I think it's great that fashion is expanding at an amazing rate because it gives you a chance to be really specific with style, and at the same time it increases fashion awareness among the public.

Best advice from your parents?
My dad always tells me that creativity is unique, and to always cultivate it. It always helps me remember to keep being inspired.

Favorite book?
Battle Royale by Koushun Takami

Favorite scent?
Givenchy Play