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04 Mar

Most Memorable Candids from MFW Fall 2014

Posted by Sam Pierri

Now and then, it's nice - and frankly, very entertaining - to see what really goes on behind all the glamour shots and scenes in one of the world's most massive and highly broadcasted events. 

Here are a few snaps that may give you a good idea.

All photos by Phil Oh.

Now look at that crowd - and the stark contrast between the celebrities in their elaborate outfits and the photographers in their work boots. This series show the huge difference between all the glamour seen in magazines and red carpets from the reality that is commonplace. 


And of course, when you are attending one of the most sought after events within the year, it's best to broadcast every minute of it. 

Going back to the point - we love this cropped fur sweater worn by Eva Chen. Our minimalist values put us along the lines of luxury and wearability - and here she pulls it all together perfectly!