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15 Feb

Style Secrets for Generation Y

Posted by Sam Pierri

Pencil Skirts are flattering for any body type. It doesn't take a lot for Miranda Kerr to look stunning, but pencil skirts are easy ways to casually accentuate your curves. 


THE SHIFT DRESS. A shift dress is demure and chic. It's for the woman whose confidence shows regardless of the clothes she wears on her back. 


THE BRIGHT BAG. adds pop to any outfit. 

TAILORED PANTS: Nothing speaks stylish than well-tailored pants. This look in particular speaks fresh without being over-the-top.


URBAN ILLUSIONS. Smart silhouettes and clean lines will demand a second look from onlookers. This one in particular has geometric lines on the waist which immediately slims down Michelle Dockery's waist. 


THE SHIRTDRESS. Shirtdresses are playful and elegant. They don't require much to style and can comfortably be worn to work or dinner parties. 


CONTRASTING PRINTS: Print on prints are often mocked because of their childish appearance. However, the eccentricity of any pair proves one daring and whimsical.