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04 Mar

Most Memorable Candids from MFW Fall 2014

Posted by Sam Pierri

Now and then, it's nice - and frankly, very entertaining - to see what really goes on behind all the glamour shots and scenes in one of the world's most massive and highly broadcasted events. 

Here are a few snaps that may give you a good idea.

All photos by Phil Oh.

Now look at that crowd - and the stark contrast between the celebrities in their elaborate outfits and the photographers in their work boots. This series show the huge difference between all the glamour seen in magazines and red carpets from the reality that is commonplace. 


And of course, when you are attending one of the most sought after events within the year, it's best to broadcast every minute of it. 

Going back to the point - we love this cropped fur sweater worn by Eva Chen. Our minimalist values put us along the lines of luxury and wearability - and here she pulls it all together perfectly!

15 Feb

Style Secrets for Generation Y

Posted by Sam Pierri

Pencil Skirts are flattering for any body type. It doesn't take a lot for Miranda Kerr to look stunning, but pencil skirts are easy ways to casually accentuate your curves. 


THE SHIFT DRESS. A shift dress is demure and chic. It's for the woman whose confidence shows regardless of the clothes she wears on her back. 


THE BRIGHT BAG. adds pop to any outfit. 

TAILORED PANTS: Nothing speaks stylish than well-tailored pants. This look in particular speaks fresh without being over-the-top.


URBAN ILLUSIONS. Smart silhouettes and clean lines will demand a second look from onlookers. This one in particular has geometric lines on the waist which immediately slims down Michelle Dockery's waist. 


THE SHIRTDRESS. Shirtdresses are playful and elegant. They don't require much to style and can comfortably be worn to work or dinner parties. 


CONTRASTING PRINTS: Print on prints are often mocked because of their childish appearance. However, the eccentricity of any pair proves one daring and whimsical. 



10 Feb

Trend Summary: Best of 2014

Here's our in Stockholm, NY, Milan, Copenhagen and London takeout. What are the world's best-dressed wearing?

1. Sweater weather

Whoever said that style and comfort cannot go together has some serious waking up to do. Now you can wear your lazy-day sweaters out, and here's how.


2. A gentleman's touch

Brogues, lace-ups and oxfords, polos, grey socks

3. Skirt for all seasons



4. Dare to crop

5. Don't hide the bed head

10 Feb

A Stylish Woman's Must-haves

Posted by Sam Pierri

1. Classic Black Pumps

Some days we just need that extra-oomph. For days where lazy jeans and a plain white shirt just seems ideal, or in contrast, when an unexpected client meeting comes up - the right shoes just do so much for you. 


Photo: Jimmy Choo, $595 at LuisaViaroma.com


2. A timepiece that speaks for you

Is it large-faced? Is it square, rounded? Is it a Panerai or a Cartier? A Stein or a Rolex? Or - is it unnamed?

Let's admit it, one of the first things we notice when we meet somebody is - their watch. What we wear on our wrist speaks more for us than we care to notice. When we shake somebody's hand, most of the time I can vouch that respect is formed from what a new friend, a potential business partner or more importantly, a superior, sees.

An old inherited classic will tell them that family is important for you. 

A smart green-faced Rolex will tell them you are up with the times, confident and capable. 

On the other hand, an unnamed piece will speak either of your elegance or your simplicity.

Nowadays it is important to note that times have changed - considerably. Where it used to take years to gain trust - on occasions they can now be formed by singularity of mind, by childhood stories that relate one to another, by likemindedness and common interests, by a common vision, and most simply, by a first impression.

Photo: Rolex Day-Date President model 118238 36mm


3. A lip color that identifies with you

Photo: Smashbox 'Be Legandary,' $20 at Sephora.com


4. A piece of jewelry you never take off

Photo: Van Cleef and Arpels Vintage 18k Gold Cobalt Coil Bracelet, $7800 at Materla.com


5. A signature scent


Photo: Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel 3.4 oz Eau de Parfum, $155 at BeautyEncounter.com


6. A timeless bag

Photo: Vogue 2014, Mansurgavriel Bucket Bag, $495


7. And who can say it enough, the perfect little black dress

Complements your body and hugs you in all the right places. It's the one you can wear again and again and still get compliments for. It's like finding a partner (a unicorn, more like) - if you chance upon the right one, don't you let it go. 



Photo: Longchamp 60th Anniversary